Raita biotoilets have been developed in Finland. They are developed for indoor use (IN) or for use in the smallhouse (OUT) - they are odorless and hygienic. We have developed and manufactured biotoilets since the 1970s. (TARA, EV). There are tens of thousands of our toilets in Finland, In Sweden and other European countries. Biotoilets utilize the natural biodegradation process - organic matter and nutrients are biodegradaded  with microbial activity - by composting. The natural composting process has been enhanced by technical solutions; by controlling humidity, air circulation, temperature and nutrient balance. Biotoilets are easy to use, keep clean and empty. Biotoilets use composting substance, which is dosed when using the toilet. Composting is effective - the result is 2-3% odorless compost of the waste after 8-10 weeks of composting. The toilet is easy to use and empty with the help of changeable compost van. By using two or more vans you always empty fully composted compost. Alternatives for handling the fluids (urine): 1) SEP - urine separation 2) ECOSEP - urinary separation of the stool, nutrients used in the composting process. 3) ECO - urine and its nutrients are used in composting process.   The liquid can be used as a fertilizer liquid (SEP) in its entirety. Or it can be used in composting.  enhancing the process and evaporating at the same time with in 95% to 100% of it’s amount. (ECOSEP, ECO) and the rest can be directed to a sewer system.    
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