Raita Public toilets are developed in Finland. They are designed for public use. They work odorlessly, hygienically and environmentally friendly. Biotoilets utilize the natural biodegradation process - organic matter and nutrients are biodegradaded with microbial activity - by composting. Biotoilets use DryMix composting substance, which is dosed when using the toilet. Composting is effective - the result is 2-3% odorless compost of the waste after 8-10 weeks of composting. Biotank collects the waste in a tank from which it is emptied by tanker for further processing to the municipal wastewater treatment plant. The waste is treated with Smell-Off liquid, which starts biodegradation of the waste in the tank eliminating odors.    
PUBLIC TOILETS          by Raita Environment
EV 200IS
EV 200KU