BIOTANK   by Raita Environment
No water needed - hygienic and odorless
Biotank sizes (l): 150, 300, 450, 860, 1000, 1300, 2000, 5300
Installation over the floor.
Installation with a level in the toilet room.
Smell-Off liquid begins biodegradation in the tank, removing odors.     
EASY TO MAINTAIN - ODORLESS TO USE  • Odorless, hygienic in public use • Smell-off prevents the formation of odors and hydrogen sulfide and promotes the biodegradation of waste • Durable material and technology (polyethylene plastic, 10 year warranty). • Multiple models, free sizing service    USE  Fill the bottom of the tank with a 5 cm layer of Smell-off liquid (up to the ridge of the tank in the part under the seat). Add liquid (10 l) for each additional 100 l of waste.  Empty the tank with a trolley or suction truck / trolley if necessary.     DIMENSIONING / DESIGN  We also supply audience toilet plans (BioTank or Biotoilet) for various applications.