Choosing the right Biotoilet model. Which of the Biotoilet models is suitable for our use? The choice of model is affected by the use of the device. All Biotoilet models are  designed for the needs of one family (approx. 5 people) - their emptying method and interval do vary. Smaller ones are emptied more often (60 uses) than larger ones 200 to 2000 uses). Smaller models are intended as a “second toilet” for indoor use or other small-scale use, larger models as “main toilet” for holiday homes and detached houses for residential use. When the utilization rate is higher, the capacity can be increased with additional trolleys / containers. Se Biotoilet IN - sida                    Se Biotoilet UT - sida                   Se Biotoilet AQ - sida                 Se Biotoilet PUBLIC - sida  
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How to proceed with the acquisition of the Biotoilet? Do I need an official permit? Can I implement myself? Can I get design / construction help through you? We offer a free remote mapping. In connection with the survey, you will receive written information about the system that is suitable for your use, possible official authorization. If you want to renew the property's wastewater treatment is also included in the inventory. The project can be implemented in whole or in part itself. Through us, in addition to mapping, you can get help with the design of the equipment installation and system construction.  See RaitaPro- page.
Environmental friendliness. How environmentally friendly is Biotoilet? Biotoilet is the most environmentally friendly choice of toilet (Best Available Technology). It treats most of the household wastewater’s nitrogen (90%), phosphorus (80%) and organic matter (60%) (in WC’s sewage)  - the rest of the sewage (greywater) is cleaned cheaply and easily with a greywater treatment plant. See Biotoilet + BioBox cleaning efficiency page.   Other issues - The lifespan of the Biotoaletten is very long (50-100 years). Its material is recyclable. It does not use water, its energy needs are very low. Waste is composted and utilized at the spot. The total carbon footprint is very small (a fraction of the toilet system's carbon footprint).
Care and maintenance of the Biotoilet. What do I need to do? Add compost litter regularly. Replace / empty composting trolley / container then necessary. Flatten the compost in the trolley if necessary (larger models). These steps have been made easy in our models. The equipment is simple in technology and does not require regular maintenance. See Manuals on the technical pages .  
Acquisition and operating costs. What does the purchase cost - what does the use cost? Getting a Biotoilet is cheaper (less than half the price) than getting a wc / closed tank / sewageconnection. Also the operating costs are low (additional compost can be obtained) because the waste can be easily composted and recycled on site. See Manuals on the technical pages .   
Winter use - measures for the cold season. Thermal insulation, heating? Measures after the summer season (summer cottage)? If the property is used in winter, the space of the device must be insulated and / or equipped with a heating element during installation. If it is used only in summer, the Biotoilet can be in uninsulated premises. See Manuals on the technical pages .   
Smell. Does the use of the toilet cause odors in the room or the environment? NO. The seat and compost have their own air ventilation straight out compared with a wc system which is ventilated through the room and the odor generated during use remains in the room for a long time. The Biotoilet is more odorless than wc. See Manuals on the technical pages .  
Hygiene. Are bio-toilets hygienic in use and when emptying? Since no water is used to flush the Biotoilet, no moisture or steam is generated in the room, which can spread potential viruses and bacteria. In the Biotoaletten, air ventilation takes place directly from the seat and  in the compost compartment, which also helps not to spread them. Use safety equipment when emptying - e.g. gloves. Good compost does not contain harmful bacteria or viruses and its handling is not dangerous.   RaitaPro- sivu. 
Bidet shower. Can I use the bidet? models). In smaller models, temporary use is possible. Note that the amount of excess liquid is higher and that the drainage system must be dimensioned correctly. Book an appointment for remote mapping on the  RaitaPro- page. - we will help to dimension the system.    See Manuals on the technical pages .  
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