AQ BIOWC   by Raita Environment


The liquid (urine and flushing water) is

separated into wastewater and solid waste

for composting.

Extensive range of models for the summer cottage, detached houses, public toilets Several toilet seat options •   Several tank options •   All models with toilet comfort and the environmental benefit of composting AQ is delivered with easy to empty van tanks - tank capacity is 60-2000 days of use / person (4 tank models, AQ 200 in the picture). The waste is composted in the same van until the end. AQ can easily be connected to a simple sewage treatment system - together they form an economical system for a holiday home or small house.

NP unit for treating N (nitrogen) and P


In areas close to water, the cleaning efficiency is improved with the NP unit. The urine and flushing water are separated, they contain 90% of the households' nitrogen load and 60-80% of the phosphorus load. In the NP unit, this nutrient-rich but small amount of sewage is treated. The NP unit oxidizes nitrogen and doses RAKE chemical. Oxidized nitrogen (nitrate) is reduced and RAKE precipitates phosphorus in the sludge separator. The same sludge separator (septic precipitation tank) can also be used for pretreating of gray waters (the rest of the sewage).