• Separation of urine • DryMix compost litter removes odors and improves composting • SEP on the seat • With adjustable air conditioning Change, emptying interval 60 user days (eg 2 people 30 days in the cottage) • Material polyethylene plastic, warranty 10 years. • Also available with a side-mounted liquid collection container • Waste can be collected in a biodegradable bag (for composting) • air conditioning - odorless - hygienic - easy to maintain



1) Sep separates the urine. Urine is collected through tubes to the collection tank (canister). 2) Drill a hole D75 in the air ventilating pipe. 3) Install the ventilation pipe, the delivery includes a wall bushing, a corner part, a 75> 110 mm part and a pipe cap. Other necessary parts D110 mm; straight pipe and any 30 degree angles are purchased separately. In a heated building and for winter use, we recommend insulating the air conditioning pipe. MINI is available with an adjustable 12/230 V fan (optional). The fan is installed on the air duct arm. 4) Install the fluid collection pipe. EV MINI works odorless even at high loads. The separated liquid is collected as fertilizer liquid (sep) in a separate tank. MINI can be equipped with a heating element (optional) that is installed under the tank and in the liquid pipe (under the insulation outside the pipe). 5) Place a 3 cm layer of compost litter on the bottom of the container, add 1 dl with a bucket from the container or after use.


• Use compost litter in the bottom of the vessel when commissioning. • Add compost litter regularly to the EV MINI. • Level the compost in the container if necessary. Do not add MINI substances that interfere with composting. Only faeces, urine, toilet paper, compost litter and biodegradable household waste (biowaste) may be placed in MINI. In the lower part of the page there is a link to the operating and installation instructions.

MINI is suitable for installation in outbuildings or

to the cottage indoors.

MINI         by Raita Environment

W 400 mm

L  500mm

H  550 mm

W   10 kg

420   130  500 WEBSHOP