Raita BioKem treatment plant is manufactured in Finland. Raita treatment plant has been manufactured since 1970’ and in use there are thousands of them. The unique RaitaMulti program with Siemens logic automizes functions in the treatment  process. All the components used are of top class. BioKem's purification results are off BAT class (best available technique.) Acquisition and operating costs are low and the cleaning result is very high. BioKem can also be equipped sludge drying and composting system, whereby the emptying with sludge truck is not necessary. The maintenance interval is long. The lifetime of the sewage treatment plant is 50-100 years.
Smartest Sewage cleaner:  BAT cleaning results long service life top components low operating costs  
BioKem XL
BOD 90-100 % | Ntot 50-80 % | Ptot 90- 100 % | 100 % Bact.
BioKem XL
EN 12566-3
 Smart Sewage Cleaner    - no impact to the environment