BioKem          by Raita Environment
The Environment appreciates for no impact.                            -  smart sewage cleaner -  
BOD 90-100 % | Ntot 50-80 % | Ptot 90-100 % | 100 % Bact.
Purifications efficiency
BioKem XL
Raita BioKem sewage cleaners are developed in Finland. Raita has developed and produced sewage cleanars since 1970's.  There are several thousands of  Raita BioKem cleaners operating. RAITA MULTI process optimizes BioKem’s functions and purification.   RAITA BioKem are BAT class (best available technology). Investment and operatatingcosts are low. Purificitation rate high. Furthermore BioKem offers many variations for excess sludge treatment. The sludge can be separated and composted in the sewage cleaner.
 BioKem S
EN 12566-3