BioModule          by Raita Environment

Raita Biomodule

Biomodules are used for purification of greywater and wastewater.   60x60x20 cm - cap 70 l/ 24 h/pc

Best conditions for microbial purification

Raita Biomodule improves biofiltration - Biomodul has inside 9 m2 area for microbial purification with right humidity and air flow conditions.

Smaller infiltration fields and biobeds

Biomodules for infiltration (after sludge separators or BioBox) fits in 30% of area compared to infiltration without them. Biomodule as biofilter bed - it requires less than 50% of the height (approx. 60 cm instead of 120 cm) compared to traditional filtration bed.

Better purification

Biomodules are used to improve the soil cleansing effect. - e.g. when the outlet of purified water is near a lake, river or the sea.