Efficient sewage treatment for detached

houses - holiday homes

we have also larger models

1) Compact - shallow installation depth.

RAITA BIOKEM is a treatment plant developed for detached houses and holiday homes. Due to its small size, it is easy to install. The required area is 2-3 m2.

2) Efficient - high capacity in a small unit.

RAITA BIOKEM is very effective. We have developed the Raita Multi process for small cleaning wors . Other methods such as biofilter, soil filtration / absorption, double piping require 3-10 times more surface area.

3) Operating costs to a minimum.

RAITA BIOKEM has several options for sludge treatment. - The sludge can be collected for discharge to a municipal system by a tanker. - The sludge can also be dried and composted, so that there is no emptying cost at all.

4) Long operating life (50-100 years)

The operating life of the system is 50-100 years. We have  experience since the 1960s with RAITA sewage treatment. Other methods such as biofilter, soil filtration / absorption are renewed every 10-30 years.

5) Also renovation model available

RAITA BIOKEM has a renovation model for renovating old systems. Old septic tanks can be utilized.

6) Also suitable for holiday living

RAITA Multi process responds quickly to varying loads.

7) Many installation options.

RAITA BIOKEMis usually installed on the ground. It can also be installed indoors, for example in a basement, in a container.

8) Expert advice and sizing service.

Long experience - we offer the best solution for all objects. Free mapping service.
BioKem          by Raita Environment