Raita Tanks are developed in Finland. We have developed and produced sewage tanks since 1980's.  We have delivered more than 50000 of Raita Tanks in our systems to Finland, Sweden and other parts of Europe.  Tanks up to 5.3 m3 are made of (PE) plastic by rotation moulding. Their durability is tested in accordance with standard EN 12566-1 - (VTT -S-06698-13) Tanks from 6m3 to 100 m3 are made of fiberglass. Their durability is according the standards of EVS-EN 976-1: 2000, EVS-EN 976-2: 2000
Tanks         by Raita Environment
EN 12566-1 - (VTT -S-06698-13)  - EVS-EN 976-1: 2000, EVS-EN 976-2