The benefits of BioKem XL

Reliable operation

BIOKEM XL has been developed for larger applications; villages, small towns, for wastewater treatment in agriculture, hotels, etc. BIOKEM XL in the 5-500 m3 / 24 h size range, tailor-made, cost-effective, self-regulating and remotely controlled wastewater treatment plants. 

Top cleaning power

| BOD - 90 - 99 % | Ptot - 90- 99 %  | Ntot - 40 - 90 % |

BIOKEM XL is tailored to the needs of the application.

Cost effective

Acquiring a BioKem treatment plant is cheaper than a sewer connection acquisition for a central treatment plant. Operating costs are also included smaller because the wastewater is treated close to its source.

Environment friendly

BioKem is the most environmentally friendly treatment plant of choice (the best available existing technology). See the effectiveness of BioKem cleaning. Other points: Saves wastewater transportation and pumping. The energy requirement is very low. Waste is recovered on site (no infrastructure) - see also sludge composting options for treatment. Long service life 50-100 years). The material is recyclable. In view of these factors, BioKem the carbon footprint is very small (a fraction of municipal wastewater treatment carbon footprint).
BOD7 mg/l
SS mg/l
P tot  mg/l