Biomodules for new sites and renovation of old



Our bio-modules have a very

large area - the bio-layer of

one module is 9 m2:

Funcion BioModules act as a growth medium for microbes. Precipitation well or BioBox treatment is most commonly used for wastewater pretreatment. Thanks to their structure, BioModules ensure a large surface area for biological treatment as well as good air circulation. BioModules are suitable for absorption and filtration - the field is 30% (less than 10 m2) of the size of a traditional field (more than 30 m3). Operating costs: Very low operating costs, service life of about 15-30 years and no electricity required. Maintenance: The passive method does not require maintenance. The pretreatment method is serviced according to its maintenance instructions. Purification efficiency: Organic matter and nutrients are removed biologically by biofiltration (biofilm). The cleaning power of the biomodule system is sufficient to purify gray water everywhere. When treating mixed wastewater, it is sufficient for all normal areas, with enhanced FB phosphorus removal also for coastal and groundwater areas.

Comparison between

BioModule and

conventional inflitration:

Comparison bases in single- family treatment for all wastewater (including toilet water). One family produces 1000 l / day of wastewater. The capacity of good soil filtration sand is 30 l / square / day, ie the soil treatment field should traditionally be at least 33 square meters. With BioModule treatment, the capacity of one module is 70  l / module (0.36 m2) / day, with a field size of 0.6 x 10 m.
Dimensions, capacity: - 60x60x20 cm - 9m2

Benefits of the biomodule:

Biological purification efficiency:

-  area is ​​about 30% of the size of a traditional field smaller filtering operation is more effective the water is more evenly distributed in the field, and biological activity more efficient - faster response to load fluctuations - service life is good biological performance longer

Cost savings in construction:

- only 20% of the required soil the amount of traditional soil treatment - the required excavation work only 20-30% of the traditional of the order of - no need for a distribution well - 40% lower field - easy to install - not sensitive to installation  errors

Easy solutions for


Part of the old system

can be utilized!

Precipitation wells in good condition can be utilized. Likewise, a large part of the sewage pipeline. If necessary, the volume of the tanks can be increased with additional wells.

Biomodule filtration  is

installed after the wells!

The biomodule system fits in place of the old system. The area it requires is only 1/3 of the old one. In terms of height, it is also considerably lower..

RaitaPro design

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