• Composting with effective liquid treatment •DryMix compost bin eliminates odors and improves composting • ECO or SEP seat to choose • Adjustable ventilation • Effective liquid evaporation • Large capacity • Durable material and technology (polyethylene plastic, warranty 10 years).



1) In a plastic seat, you can use an eco or sep top. They are the same size. In Eco, urine / liquid separation takes place at the bottom of the van. Sep at the top in the seat. Eco evaporates moisture up to 95%. There are also porcelain seats with eco or sep function. Sep operation involves rinsing the front bowl (approx. 1 dl), in which case pressurized water or the pipe of the water tank above it is also connected to it. 2) The tank, connecting pipe and seat are installed. The tank is placed under the seat. The space for the tank needed can under the floor (min 180-200 cm high, area min 1,2m-2m, hatch or door out) or in a basement space. If XL is used in winter, it is advisable to thermally insulate the room and equip it with a thermostat-controlled (min. +10 degrees C) heating device. If the building is not kept warm, the space does not need to be insulated. Connecting pipes D200 are available in different lengths (0.5 m, 1.5 m 2 m) and can be shortened if necessary. 3)Install the ventilation pipe, the delivery includes 75 mm 40 mm, extension 110, 2 xangle 45 110 and pipe hat, other necessary parts D110, ie straight pipe and any angles of 30 degrees are purchased separately. In heated buildings and winter use, we recommend insulating the air ventilation pipe from external parts. The XL is available with a 12/230 V fan (optional) with adjustable operation. The fan is installed on the air ventilation pipe. 4)  Install the fluid pipe. The XL works odorlessly even at high loads. Excess liquid is discharged into wastewater (eco) or collected as fertilizer liquid (sep) in a separate tank. Equip the system with an appropriate fluid collection / treatment system. The XL can be equipped with a heating element (optional), which is installed under the tank. The heating element speeds up composting and enhances liquid evaporation. 5) Place a 10 cm layer of compost substance in the bottom of the composttank, add substance with a bucket from a bag or container after use 1 dl.


• Use compostsubstance in the bottom of the van then commissioning. • Add compost substance regularly to XL (after each use). • Even out the compost in the van if necessary. Do not add to XL is substances that interfere with composting. Only faeces, urine, toilet paper, compost substance and biodegradable household waste (biowaste) may be placed in XL. Drawings, operating and installation instructions are in technical pages.
XL                  by Raita Environment