The cottage's sewage and toilet issues are easily resolved
The treatment of wastewater and household and toilet waste in a cottage can seem challenging, especially if the cottage is located in an archipelago. The smartest, easiest and cheapest way is to handle waste on a cottage site, as long as you do it safely and in an environmentally friendly way.
More and more time is spent at the cottage, so you want it to be comfortable and effortless in every way. Long vacations and the proliferation of teleworking enable almost regular living in a summer home, so functional cottage technology solutions are needed there
At the same time as the demands of the cottage are growing, we also want to cherish the environment and nature. Waste sorting and wastewater treatment are also becoming increasingly important at the cottage. The matter is also regulated by law.
Proper waste management systems are needed, especially near water, as nothing pollutant should end up polluting the environment.
Return of nutrients to the ground
In many cottages, black and gray water goes directly to a closed septic tank, because untreated water and sludge must not be discharged into nature without proper treatment.
However, from the environmental and economic point of view, the smartest thing would be to return the nutrients to the land and utilize them locally, which will also eliminate the transport of sludge for long distanses and keep the nutrient circulation in the islands balanced.
It is also better for the cottage community that the nutrients and load of the wastewater are treated and then absorbed into the soil on their own property and that the waste is not transported to a municipal waste treatment plant. The easiest way to get to both the cottage and the cottage is when the plot has its own composting dry toilet and the washing water is cleaned on site.
The Biotoilet is an odorless and easy-care solution for both the interior of the cottage and the outbuilding.
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The Biotoilet eliminates your worries.
The extensive Biotoilet range has alternatives that are well suited for the outhouse as well as for indoor use in the cottage.
The toilets in the biological AQ collection are modern, hygienic and easy, as they compost toilet waste into a small amount of compost in one container.
The AQ bio-toilet turns toilet waste into compost soil.   
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Cleaning Gray water without electricity
There are also easy and efficient solutions for treating wash water, ie gray water.
A gray water filter is needed for the cottage, especially in the archipelago, as dirty water must not end up in the water. Also, in a dryland cottage, discharging wash water untreated into the ground causes odor nuisance and can attract unwanted guests, such as rats.
BioBoxes are small gray water filters designed for cottages and holiday homes. They do not need electricity to operate. After filter treatment, the purified water can be safely discharged into the environment. 
Maintenance is effortless: the filters are cleaned once a year and the filter elements are replaced every 10 to 15 years. The device itself lasts up to 50-100 years.
The filters in the greywater filter are cleaned once a year, but the filter elements are only replaced every 10 to 15 years. No peat or moss is used in the filter, so operating costs remain low.
Composting reduces the amount of mixed waste and odor nuisance
Separation and composting of bio-waste effectively removes odor from garbage bags. Composting also significantly reduces the amount of mixed waste in the cottage, so there is no need to have rubbish off the cottage site all the time.
Composting is nature's own method of utilizing organic waste, as it breaks down food residues and other biowaste into nutrients. The same decomposition happens everywhere in nature all the time.
In the composter, decomposition is efficient, and at the same time harmful bacteria are destroyed. The composter ensures that the disintegrating microbes have everything they need at their disposal, such as nutrients, air, moisture and heat.
The composter converts the biowaste into soil without odor nuisance and at the same time returns the nutrients back to the ground.
Upgrade your cottage waste systems
Are you starting to think about what kind of sewage and waste treatment solutions would suit your cottage? What would be an environmentally friendly, reliable and easy-to-maintain option?
The company develops and manufactures greywater and mixed waste treatment plants, environmental toilets and composters.
There are many options for implementing a wastewater project. Stripe Environment's methods can be used to reduce the amount of sludge to be removed: the emptying interval can be extended or the sludge can also be treated on site.
In a wastewater project, professionals can save on costs by being able to utilize existing well-maintained well solutions and wastewater lines as part of the system.
You can get wastewater solutions for your cottage as a turnkey solution, or just the design, permitting process and supervision if you want to get involved in the construction yourself.
Request a free remote mapping. You have the best experts in the field and local partners around the country for you service.
Biotoilets solve the cottage's toilet waste treatment problems. They are odorless, easy - to - maintain eco - solutions with secure waste management; and environmentally friendly.
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Raita Environment is a Finnish company focused on environmental technology who gives you expert and quality service in waste management.  
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