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Do you want to have help with your project? There are many alternative ways for building a wastewater system. Use our expertise, you will get significant savings. You should always ask our suggestion - remote mapping by phone/ email  is completely free and does not oblige you to do anything. There are many options in the wide range of methods we have developed ourselves. Our system is always “tailored” to the customer's needs. Savings: Cost savings are achieved by utilizing existing well-maintained well solutions, wastewater lines as part of the system. Our range includes methods to reduce the amount of sludge to be removed. The emptying interval can be extended or the sludge can also be treated on site. Implementation: A turnkey solution or we plan, seek permit and supervise the installation and you can take part in the construction yourself. The implementation will utilize our RAITAPro cooperation network - local partners. Request a free mapping rom us. We have skilled staff and local partners. There are also many alternative implementation models for the toilet system than wc. Our selection includes also environmental Biotoilets. Closed tanks in the size range 0.5 - 80 m3, also low models.
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