RAITA Marine Environment

Water bodies are sensitive environments

The use of water bodies for recreational purposes has increased for decades. People have more time and opportunities to enjoy the beautiful and clean environment of our waters. However, our waters are sensitive environments - due to increasing recreational use, they are under increasing pressure. RAITA Environment Marine products have been developed to treat wastewater and reduce the nutrient load on water bodies.

Environmental expertise in the marine environment

We offer high-quality products and methods, the characteristics of which reflect the long and consistent work of our product development. Our Marine products are suitable for boats, marinas and waterways. They provide many additional benefits in terms of care, maintenance, operating costs and environmental friendliness. Decades of experience are reflected in our products and services. Take a look and ask for more if needed.
Our systems for boating, marinas. We have combined our environmental expertise with marine needs.

Gray water treatment plant on

the boat!

New greywater treatment plant for boat use. The BioBox Marine collection is being developed for the purification of boating gray waters. Gray water is treated by biological processes. After fat separation, the microbes clean the gray organic and nutrient load of the water. Filters are easy to maintain - waste is composted in RAITA composters
Marine Environment