Envirotoilets Discover our intelligent toilet solutions. Biological AQ Biowc - combines the comfort of the wc and composting functions' environmental benefits. EV Ecotoilets - models for indoor or outdoor installation. EV PUBLIC toilet models. Comfort  - Environmentally Friendly!  
Gray water purifiers Gray water purifier - are easy-to-use solutions for wastewater treatment. To the sauna, to the cottage, the little house. BioBox M (L) - cottage, vacation home - pressurized water (shower, dishwasher, washing machine) BioBox XL - vacation home, detached house HS-treatment plant (all conveniences) - cottage, detached house RAITA biomodules are a passive cleaning method - maintenance is based on regular cleaning of a BioBox filters or emptying a precipitation tank.
Bio and Biochem Sewage Cleaners Effective sewage treatment! RAITA PA bio and biochemical cleaners are safe and efficient wastewater treatment systems. They fit into a small space and are cost effective solutions due to their long life and low purchasing costs. PA treatment plant can also be used with the existing old system. Opportunity for remote monitoring. Different maintenance agreements available.


EnviroTech from Finland

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