Raita Biomodule is developed in Finland. We have developed and produced biomodules since 1970’s.  We have delivered some 5000 Raita Biomodule systems for cleaning graywater and wastewaters to Scandinavia, Baltic States and elsethere in Europe.  Raita Biomodule enhances biofiltration - our Biomodule has 16 m2 area for microbial purification with perfect moisture and airflow circumstances. The size of one module is 60 cm x 120 cm). Capacity is 120 l / 24 h / pc Using Biomodule for infiltration after pre- treatment (septic tank or BioBox) of waste water to the soil - it requires only 30 % of area compared to traditional soil infiltration. Using Biomodule as biofilterbed - it requires 50 % of the heigth (approx 60 cm instead on 120 cm) compared to traditionell filtration bed. Biomodules are also used for enhancing soil purification effect - f.ex then outlet of the treated waste water is nearby a lake, river or a see front.   Look for more information:
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